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Badoo Has Game-Changing Celebrity Feature

Written by James Bong

Badoo Has Game Changing Celebrity Feature LeoPA

Online dating app Badoo has introduced a revolutionary celebrity feature which allows people to search for look-a-likes.

It doesn’t even have to be a celebrity look-a-like, such a Leonardo DiCaprio or Margot Robbie, it can be somebody who resembles a former-flame or office crush.

How does it work? Well Badoo have developed ‘pioneering face-mapping technology’ which analyses the facial structure of your chosen love interest and uses ‘complex algorithms’ to search for people with the same facial features on the app.

#BadooLookalikes has launched! Try it now and find profiles that look like your favourite celebrity or a crush…💖 https://t.co/GdwfIGVM2X pic.twitter.com/f9KYpC74Y2

— Badoo (@Badoo) June 29, 2017

With 60 million active users each month, as well as six million matches each day across 190 countries – including the UK, France, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Italy and even on the remote Christmas Island – you’re bound to find your match somewhere.

The company are also heavy on waging a war against ‘catfishing’, you’ll be pleased to know.

No more finding that special somebody who isn’t who they claim they are thanks to extra security and verification processes.

To cut down on the number of catfish, Badoo users are required to have a Facebook verification, phone number verification and a one minute photo verification, where users are required to take a selfie copying one of the 100 suggested gestures.

Find your next adventure 💜✨ #badoo

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The selfie is compared to the profile pictures and approved by one of Badoo’s five thousand moderators, making it one of the ‘safest apps on the market’.

On top of all this, Badoo says it’s the first dating app to launch live video chat, which means you can hear, see and get to know your match before you meet them – ‘date before you date’, if you will.

To keep video chat as safe as possible, users must have matched and already had a back-and-forth conversation before they can launch the feature.

Autumn is all about Sunday strolls with bae 🍂

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Badoo said should your match not be what you expected, or if you simply don’t ‘click’ – you can end the connection and choose to have no further contact.

Happy relationship finding!

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